Production structure

Technical Office

Using programs dedicated to 3D design (Solid Edge®), and in collaboration with the customer, our engineers involved in the development of new projects through the design and verification for component optimization.

If the project is provided directly by the customer, the Technical Office agrees to cooperate in finding the most appropriate technical and aesthetic solutions to specific applications and is able to work alongside that of the customer and to our quality management system in order of generating all the production documentation and the company’s internal control.

Composites Department

This particular department, taking advantage of the latest technology and machinery dedicated to the construction of both facilities and design composite components.

The adoption of a “clean room” in controlled temperature and humidity allows the direct management of important parameters for the quality of the finished product.
The rolling team, working closely with the technical department that deals with the design and implementation of the final drawings, is the master of the main processing technologies present in the composite world: from the processing of pre-impregnated materials through the application vacuum and cooking in an autoclave, until the realization of molds and also for large components of resin infusion.

Every detail made in our composite department, is monitored at every stage of production in order to track and certify the quality of the finished product.

Mechanical Workshop

VEGA Composites, unlike other companies that operate in the sector, has a machine shop interior that benefits from highly qualified technicians, machine 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC and CAD-CAM programs (hyperCAD-Hypermill) dedicated to processing of plastic and metal materials.

The combination of technical office and workshop has enabled over the years the realization of highly integrated special and high technological value.
The ability to internally create models, molds and equipment also gives total flexibility in the management of the order, permitting.


Composite Department

  • N° 3 Cold rooms (-18°C)
  • N° 2 Autoclaves (1,8mt. X 3mt / 2mt x 8mt.)
  • N° 3 Ovens (vacuum curing)
  • N° 1 Moisture and temp. controlled room
  • N° 2 bridge crane
  • N° 1 CNC Plotter
  • N° 3 CNC wrapping machines


  • N° 2 CNC 4 Axis machining center (3000x500x400) (1500x500x400)
  • N° 1 CNC 5 Axis machining center (4000x2000x800)
  • N° 1 TIG welding machine
  • N° 1 CNC Lathe machine
  • N° 1 EMD wire machine
  • N° 2 Bridge crane
  • N°1 Roughness control center

Inspection / Analysis

  • N° 1 Ultrasonic inspection machine
  • N° 1 Measuring machine 3 axis (Coord)
  • N° 1 Laser inspection arm (Hexagon)
  • N° 1 Optical collimator system (Taleyrond)

Research & Development

VEGA Composites products are set amongst an Elite market, thanks to their high technological content and to the very particular attention to the smallest details.
VEGA Composites  has thus continuously to invest in R&D to be competitive and challenging.